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First, we get to know you and then learn about your business. Then, we provide the financial services you need.



Although every business is different, our destinations are usually the same: we want to get our money working for us so we can end up happy, healthy, and reach financial independence. But what path should you take? Like any journey, our advisors will help you choose the right strategies, be there when life and business changes occur, and keep you accountable to your plan along the way.

Let Chénard Wealth and Advisory guide you

and your business on the path to success.




Our Investment Management services are a great fit for both self-employed individuals and corporate businesses. Your business may be your #1 investment—but as you reach financial success, diversifying your cash flow into other passive investments is key to bullet-proofing your finances and creating other income streams.

  • We partner with global professional investment firms like Fidelity, Canada Life, and NEI Investments to build investment portfolios aligned with your goals and ability to take on risk

  • Our professional financial planning tools allow us to plan for all the “what-ifs”, while keeping tax planning and security top of mind

  • We provide guidance and direction for those in the early stages of their business AND for those business owners who have seen some success, have lots going on and want a partner in their growth, strategic direction and alignment of personal and business goals.

  • In complement to the advice you receive from your accounting professionals, we can help with things like:

    • How much you should really pay yourself, and how?

    • How can you best create a pension for yourself from your business?

    • How to read your financial statements & use them to make decisions throughout the year?

    • Which parts of your business should be handled by a team?

    • Whether to bring on contracts or employees, the pros/cons?

    • Which aspects of your business’s finances should be handled by an accountant, a bookkeeper, or by yourself as the owner – and how to get these roles setup & functioning?

  • Our fee starts at 1% of assets under management, reducing as your assets grow

To learn more about Investment Management...

*Appointments will be available spring/summer 2024.



We look at insurance from two lenses: what insurance needs does your business have? And what needs does your family have? As an independent insurance broker, we work for you, not an insurance company. If you don’t know what type of insurance you need, or whether you need any at all—we’re here to help identify any needs and guide you through the full process.

  • We have access to many insurance companies, group benefit and pension companies.

  • Group benefits & group retirement plans for your employees

  • Life insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, health benefits, and more

  • We partner with Canadian insurance companies such as Canada Life, Manulife, iA, and Canada Protection Plan to compare the insurance solutions that best fit your needs

To learn more about Insurance & Group Benefits...

*We'll call you within two (2) business days.

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