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Although every path is different, our destinations are usually the same: we want to get our money working for us so we can end up happy, healthy, and reach financial independence. But what path should you take? Like any journey, a guide will help you choose the right strategies, be there when life changes occur, and keep you accountable to your plan along the way.

Let Chénard Wealth and Advisory guide you on your journey.

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When you 

A financial advisor can help you make a plan with goals and strategies to help you take that all-important first step in your journey. Through a one-time consultation, we can provide you with guidance and a clear Action Plan to move forward and build your wealth. If you have a mortgage, are starting a family, or otherwise wish to secure life insurance early, we can assess your insurance needs together, obtain quotes from insurance providers, and provide assistance through the application process. Making little changes now will have a big impact later on.

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When you

have GOALS

Managing your finances – and especially your investments – can be a big responsibility. Getting a financial advisor not only saves you time and stress, you can also get the expert advice you need today to stay on the right path for years to come. Through our Wealth Management services, we can help you plan for every step on your journey towards financial independence. And through our Insurance Planning process, we assess your needs for insurance to see whether there are any gaps in your current insurance, and adapt as your priorities change.

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When you


You made it! But retirement is not the end of your financial journey. We can help you make the most of your nest egg by helping you budget for retirement, planning lifestyle and travel expenses, showing you how to strategically draw on retirement savings to minimize taxes, and coordinating government benefits. We can sit down and start planning a couple of years ahead of your retirement so that you will have a clear picture of your "retirement paycheque", and gain more confidence in your future.


Chénard Wealth and Advisory has a range of integrated services to help keep you on the right path – and help ensure you meet your goals.


Wealth Management

  • We manage your investments, such as your RRSP or TFSA - but our relationship is about more than just that.

  • If you already have investments at the bank, but wish for a more long-term relationship with an advisor to guide you along the way to developing your career, growing your family, and preparing for life's next steps; we may be a great fit.

  • Contact us to book a meeting with one of our advisors.


Insurance Planning

  • We assess your needs for life insurance, health benefits and disability insurance.

  • Should we identify a need for insurance, we will review quotes from the companies we partner with such as Canada Life, Manulife, and Canada Protection Plan, and provide you with recommendations.

  • We walk you through the application process from start to finish, and are here to update your policy as your needs and priorities change.

  • Contact us to book a meeting with one of our advisors.


One-time Consultation

  • Are you looking to discuss your current financial questions in one meeting and get some guidance and expertise you can apply right away?

  • Common situations that are a great fit for a one-time meeting: navigating your pension options, setting up your new small business for success, making a plan to start investing.

  • This service is offered at $275. Contact us for more information and to book a consultation with Dominique.


Tax Preparation

  • Tax preparation for individuals, families & self-employed individuals (T1 only)

  • Includes a call with Dominique to go over your questions and tax deductions, and to outline tax strategies for the upcoming year

  • This service starts at $175 for individuals or $275 for self-employed individuals, and is seasonal from March 1 - April 30 of each year

  • Contact us for more information or to get on our mailing list for next year's tax season.

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