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"Saving Money" - What Is It Really About?

When it comes to setting goals, there’s some that are standard in everyday conversation. Save more, pay down the line of credit, make more money.

Those goals are simple external goals. We sometimes forget to draw those back to our internal motivators, which is what makes financial planning FUN and dare I say... even exciting!

Saving more could mean enjoying your travels with a clear mind, knowing there is no catch-up to do when you get back, or skipping on some spontaneous experiences that make a trip even more memorable.

Investing more could mean more of your money working behind the scenes, so you can retire a few years sooner, or choose to do what you love and worry less about the pay. (Investing your money, not saving, is the key here!)

Having the line of credit paid off means a fresh start - making more of today’s money accessible for right now, and tomorrow’s needs. With those payments out of the way, that’s more money to spend where you love, on what you love, and more money to take care of your future. It puts the past in the past, and allows you to live in the present.

And making more money makes more options available to you - such as hiring help where you need it so you can spend more time with your family, buying for quality instead of price, building your wealth to reach financial independence and be able to take care of your family, and supporting charities you really care about.

I encourage you to tie your goals back to your internal motives, and to even write it down - it may make a big difference before making financial decisions that don’t align!

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