VIP financial planning services for busy professionals and families, and one-time engagements for those that are just getting started.


VIP Financial Planning

  • Advice & insights throughout the year around your key financial priorities, keeping the focus on what is important to you right now

  • A great fit for busy families, those with complex financial planning needs, or those whose assets are not in traditional investment accounts.  If you are looking for your own VIP financial professional to be by your side for advice and support while you build your assets and career, we may be a great fit.

  • The deliverables include: an assessment of your current situation using the four areas of financial planning, a one-page action plan for us to monitor throughout the year, and tax preparation for your household (or coordination with your tax professional).

  • We will have regular check-ins, and a deeper dive in the areas that matter to you most; however, our meetings will be on an as-needed basis around your needs, and scheduled as situations arise where you need some advice and guidance.

  • Note: Your adult children or younger children that live under your roof also have access to your financial planner under the VIP service. Feel free to bring them into a meeting or to encourage them to set up a separate call to set themselves up for success!


$1,900/person and $2,900/couple per year (plus HST) and paid at the start of the year. Our engagement is renewable on and ongoing basis, should we decide to continue working together long-term.


This service will start January 1, 2022.


Just Getting Started

  • Advice & insights related to your financial goals, answering your questions around your unique needs

  • Assistance with setting up your bank accounts and self-directed investment accounts, student debt repayment, and automating your savings and investment contributions

  • The deliverables include: two Zoom calls, one of which is the initial call to go over your questions and priorities; a one-page action plan customized for you; and a resource page of tried-and-true investing platforms, debt repayment strategies, and other free resources that have been vetted by our Certified Financial Planner. You will also have access to us by email for two weeks after our last call to assist with implementation of the plan.

  • A great fit for those with less complex financial situations, that would benefit from the guidance early on to balance debt repayment, saving, and investing.


A one-time fee of $490 (plus HST)


This service will be available monthly starting January 1, 2022.

To be added to the waitlist or to obtain more information, please email Dominique directly at